Everest Breathing
Training Devices


Since 1994, Climbi, LLC manufactures various types of “Everest” devices based on its own patented developments that employ a unique gas-separation membrane technology.


“Everest AHT”

“Everest AHT” opens a new line of general purpose apparatuses designated for intermittent hypoxia-normoxia-hyperoxia training, as well as for various combinations thereof in any sequence. 


For all questions about the purchase of breathing simulators Everest AHT - 01 E (export version) in European and other

foreign countries, please contact our official dealer: company Athletic Hightech S.L. (www.a-ht.org). 

Tel: +34 655 097 307 (English, German)
+34 654 107 654  (Spanish, Russian)
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